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Taj Mahal – An Immortal Expression of Love

TAJMahal is a symbol of love and is located in Agra, India. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan had built the great monument of Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz. Taj Mahal was constructed over a period of twenty-two years, employing twenty thousand workers. It was completed in 1648 C.E. at a cost of 32 Million Rupees. Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. The Taj seems to glow in the light of the full moon. On a foggy morning, the visitors experience the Taj as if suspended when viewed from across the Yamuna River, Taj mahal situated at the bank of river Yamuna.
Taj mahal is the favorite place for all lovers in the world, because it is a live example of everlasting love. Taj mahal is considered as the finest example of mughal architecture. Taj Mahal makes Agra very popular. People from around the world come to India to view this great legend. According to a report of BBC, more than 3 m…