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Din Dhal Jaaye, Haye Raat Na Jaaye..

Music, and especially the lyrics of certain songs can be incredibly powerful. It can, and will, change the way you look at things. It changes your life. If you want it to.

When I feel sad I play slow music with deep lyrics. Those lyrics often describe pretty well the situation that I'm in at that moment. I don't even have to really pick the tracks to just goes that way. Songs touch your heart with you mood.. So this song describes my mood of today..

Song Lyrics

Movie Name: Guide (1965)
Singer: Mohd Rafi
Music Director: Burman S D
Lyrics: Shailendra

Theme: Love

Din Dhal Jaaye, Haye Raat Na Jaaye
Tu To Na Aaye Teri Yaad Sataaye

Pyaar Mein Jinke Sab Jag Chhodha
Aur Huye Badnaam
Unke Hi Haathon Haal Hua Yeh
Baithe Hai Dil Ko Tham
Apne Kabhi The Ab Hain Paraaye
Din Dhal...

Aisi Rimjhim Aisi Puhaaren
Aisi Hi Thi Barsaat
Khud Se Judaa Aur Jug Se Paraaye
Hum Dono The Saath
Phir Se Woh Saawan Ab Kyon Na Aaye
Din Dhal Jaye....

Dil ke mere pass ho itne
Phir bhin ho kitni duur
Tum mujhse main dil se …

Lamhe - The Moments of Life

Lamhe (Moments) is a movie by Yash Chopra on mother-man-daughter love triangle. I have seen this film earlier in my childhood days but didn’t like it at all because of its different story and no maardhad (I liked action movies very much in my childhood days) and the other reason was to see Anil Kapoor without his moustache for the first time. This movie is one of the favorite movies of my best friend and she has described it as one the best movie she have ever seen (I believe her because she doesn’t lie and the facts says the same thing. It is in the Outlook magazine's list of All-Time Great Indian films.) Luckily I have seen this movie on SAB TV yesterday and thought I should watch it. Things have changed within me and my nature and a though didn't like it earlier, this time i really liked it. The 10 years' time gap is really evident and I have changed a lot and so has my choice. Hope you all know about the story and if now then you must heard song of this movie Morni ba…

एहसास अनजाना सा.....

बहुत तन्हा बहुत अकेला हू मै
पकड़ लो तुम हाँथ मेरा नही तो भीड़ में खो जाउगा मै
बिखर जाउगा सम्भाल लो मुझे
रख लो सम्भाल के आँचल में अपने
बड़ा सुकून मिलता है मुझे वह

सासे रोकी है कई बार अपनी
केवल अपना नाम आपके मुह से सुनने के लिए
बेबात रोया हू कई बार, न जाने किस लिए
अकेला था, अकेला हू और अकेला ही रहूगा
यही शायद किस्मत है मेरी

यह ख्वाहिशें सच बड़ी अजीब होती है
जाने किस किस चीज़ की उम्मीद कर जाती है
देखिये न पागलपन पता नही क्या लिख डाला
पता नही किस सोच में

सोचता हू सब कुछ है पास मेरे
सिवाय तेरी आस के

Don't let someone become a priority in your life,when you are just an option in their life...
Relationship works Best when they are balanced

Love Quote.....

My Heart fills up with tears of happiness knowing you are in my life forever.

Complete Life........

Love is not always a broken heart, when you meet,

Two Hearts in Love will make your life so complete.

A sharing of a Rose, a kiss, a hug, your feelings will be,

Those true feelings of love, in life that you see.

All days shared, as father time enters ones heart,

Remembering all love shared from life's early start.

Even passing of loved ones and days that were sad,

Some ups and downs through life that you had.

That special bond of love, those days will pass by,

Sharing together in support when both you may cry.

Those loving memories you gathered through time,

Two hearts in Love, completes your life you will find.

By John E. Mingo Sr