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Trip to Jaipur - Another Colourful Page Of My Life

After months of Yes/No, finally or say suddenly we (Me and Babita) decided to go for a trip to Jaipur -The Pink City. It was due from a long time and we tried to utilize our Christmas holidays and now I'll say that it was a good decision. It was a special trip for many other reasons also. Jaipur is the future Sasural of my Margdarshak and home of my Guru who used to teach me ART of Living :). We left for Jaipur on Saturday morning from Gurgaon station by Gareeb Rath and reached Jaipur around 2.00 Pm. I was impressed by Gareeb Rath again. It was just Just 2 minute late by its schedule time, can you believe it? Coming back on the track, since we didn’t get any rooms online due to holiday crowd at Jaipur, we decided we'll see something once we reach Jaipur and it was our first mission to get the place for our Night stay. We hired an Auto Rickshaw and he took us too few Hotels which was way below the quality and very highly priced. We left an inquiry to Damu Hotel (didn’t remembe…

Thank You Hanuman Ji :)

Dear Hanuman Ji.. Thanks so much for being with me always. today you once again proved that you are with me and will be Always. Love you a lot

New Member in My Digital World : My CyberShot W210

Since many scientists and astrologists predicted that the world would end in December 2012 and I don’t want to die without seeing the world around me, so from September 09 I have decided that I would go to a new city of India every month and since then completed my Varanasi and Rishikesh tour to capture these moment after loads of analysis and thinking I have brought my new digital camera who would be partner of my journey.
it has a powerfull 12.1 megapixel lens which captures some nice pics. Sony W210 feature a top-quality Carl Zeiss lens with 4x optical zoom to bring your favourite subjects closer. it has some othe good features also.. welcome to my digital world :)

Trip to Varanasi – My Spiritual Journey

Wow it felt amazing to be in Varanasi... The City of temples. It was a long and pretty relaxed trip after such a long time and I covered many places this time and luckily met my friends too. This time it was a pre-planned trip so everything went very well. I had booked a direct ticked in Garib rath from Delhi to Varanasi. The train was good and I had a great time with a very nice co passenger... She was from Varanasi and a reporter by profession. She came to Delhi to attend a conference on health related stuff (Don’t remember exactly) the funny thing was we both sharing the same ringtone (Aaoge Jab tum Sajna) and every time when her phone rang I use to search for my mobile :D. like every other time I went in to the train without any kind of food and not even a bottle of water. I thought the train would have pantry coach in it and I would buy something to eat from it but my bad luck there was no pantry coach in Varanasi Garib Rath and I came to know about this by the same girl. I was p…

Trick for Live Cricket Match Score : Nothing can block It :D

Are you a Big Cricket fan? Is websites related to live cricket score blocked at your work place? I have a simple solution for it. A very simple and easy trick for you to know the latest scorecard

How to check live cricket score if Cricket websites blocked at your work place

open and type the match detail for live score card, Example : Their is a match going between India and Srilanka to know the latest scores and ball by ball details type India vs. Srilanka in Google and you'll Get the Live score of the match. Click on the search button again to update the score that’s it. So enjoy cricket at your work place also :)

Top 20 Hindi Romantic songs You Shouldn't Miss

Hi Friends last month I had posted a list of twenty (20) romantic Hindi songs on I feel I should share it on my blog also, it has some of my most favorite romantic Hindi numbers, with some old, some not so old and some new songs i have tried to include all my favorite songs from all the genre and generation. without any further delay here is the list of my favorite romantic Hindi songs  
Update: Finally I decided to update this list of romantic Hindi songs with more details and download links  

1. Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe - Rang De BasantiSinger - Naresh Iyer, Madhushree

It comes from one of my all-time favorite movies, the picturization, lyrics, location, everything is so fantastic about this song. Both the singers are perfect fit and did justice to such soulful song. I especially love soft voice of Madhushree, it really touches your heart and I am sure you would love it once you hear it.
Download – Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe

2. Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna – Kudrat
Singer - Parveen Sultana


Mere Khwab Bhi Kaminey - Kaminey Title Track.. I love it

After listening to some of Vishal Bhardwaj songs I have become big fan of his creations. He is a master and the other reasons why I like his songs are the awesome lyrics which Gulzar saheb writes for his movies. Kaminey is the only movie which has the music I have waited for and its worth the wait! Kaminey has some amazing songs. My current hot favorite is the title track Kaminey sung by Vishal himself.

You can Listen it at Kaminey songs

Here is the lyrics

Kya kare zindagi isko hum jo mile,
Iski jaan kha gaye, raat din ke gile- 2 times
Raat din gile…
Meri aarzoo kamini,
Mere khwab bhi kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi, yeh huzoor bhi kaminey,
Kya kare zindagi isko hum jo mile,
Iski jaan kha gaye, raat din ke gile…

[Kabhi zindagi se maanga, pinjre mein chaand la do,
Kabhi laanten deke, kaha aasmaa pe taango] – 2 times
Jeene ke sab kareene the hamesha se kaminey,
Kaminey kaminey kaminey kaminey,
Meri daastaan kamini, mere raasten kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi, yeh huzoor bhi kaminey…

Jiska bhi chehra cheela,…

Rakhi ka Swayamvar: REAL or FAKE?

So finally the recently popular (comedy show?) Rakhi ka Swayamvar is in its last stage। Only three contestants are left in the show which are Manas, Elesh and Shitij. People are guessing whom rakhi will marry? But I would like to ask a question to everyone, how many of you think that Rakhi will get married in this show? My personal opinion is that she is not going to marry anyone. The show is fake (Personal opinion) and a drama only for TRP. Now something about the show:

I have hardly seen 2-3 episodes of this show and found it could be a good comedy show। Contestants have done pretty hard work to be in Rakhi Sawant’s swayamvar. They did dancing, acting and faced many physical challenges to be in the show for the world’s most beautiful woman (Rakshi thinks so: D) Every time when Rakhi tries to smile, it looks like the best joke of century: D. It is more of a comedy show than any kind of swayamvar. Rakhi is a girl who knows how to be in news with her loud mouth and strange comparisons (…

Paisa Khuda to Nahi Par...

"पैसा खुदा तो नहीं पर खुदा से कम भी नहीं" नहीं मानता था इस बात को लेकिन लोगो ने बार बार एहसास करवाया और मुझे यह समझाया की सच पैसा खुदा तो नहीं पर खुदा से कम भी नहीं ...

Tum Meri Koi Nahi...

Mera tumhara kya rishta hai..Kuch bhi nahin
Agar kabhi tum guzarta dekho…
Kya tum mujhe bulaogi??..Shayad nahin
Agar jo phir hum kabhi na mile to
Kya tum yaad aaogi?..Nahin
Kyun ki tum meri koi nahin
Main janta hun magar
Ho jab meri koi nahin
Kyun lagti ho mujhko parayi nahin

Jab bhi mile hum aisa laga phir, milenge nahin
Phir bhi na jane, kisi bhahane milte gaye
Hum tum magar kahin na kahin
Jab aaj koi nahin hai bahana
Phir kyun thair jaye kadam yahin
Ho tum meri koi nahin main janta hun magar
Ho jab meri koi nahin kyun lagti ho mujhko parayi nahin

Ek ajnabi se itni na ki thi baaten kabhi
Jo chaha dil ne kehta gaya main
Tum se koi bhi doori mujhe lagi na kabhi
Paas tumhare aaya tha kitne, yeh ehsaas ho raha hai mujhe abhi
Par tum meri koi nahin
Shayad mujhe hai yakeen
Ho jab meri koi nahin
Kyun ki tum meri koi nahin

Alwida Nagarro but Friends Forever..

Hi friends. Finally I am writing something new on my blog. I was tied up with lots of new work and I was lost in a different new world. Everything has changed in my life from May 18th - new office, new responsibilities, new challenges and new goals. Life was fun at nagarro (my previous office) and I am missing all my nagarro friends here in my new office specially my colleagues my dear friends my family at nagarro.

It was great fun to be with you guys from Monday to Friday 9hours daily :), I'll always be thankful to you guys for all the care, love and support. I would like to thanks Dhiraj sir for making me whatever I am today; I have really enjoyed working with him. I'll always thankful to Misha ji she was always there in my good and bad times with me, she had solution of all my problems and she has an amazing heart which has love and care for everyone, life is bit complex without her :(. I would like to thank Taru, Shail and Danish Also for all their love, care and support …

Hazar Rahein Mud Ke Dekhin.. Touching Song

Hazar Rahein Mud Ke Dekhin Kahin se koi sada na aayi, Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne Hamari thodi si bewafai

Hazar rahein mud ke dekhin
Kahin se koi sada na aayi
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai

Jahan se tum mod mud gaye the
Ye mod ab hi wahin pade hain
Hum apne pairon mein jaane kitne
Bhanwar lapete hue khade hain
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai

Kahin kisi roz yun bhi hota
Hamari haalat tumhari hoti
Jo raat humein guzari marr ke
Vo raat tumne guzari hoti
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai

Tumhe ye zid thi ke hum bulate
Humein ye ummid vo pukarein
Hai naam hoton pe ab bhi lekin
Aawaz mein pad gayi dararein
Hazar rahein mud ke dekhin
Kahin se koi sada na aayi
Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari thodi si bewafai

Misunderstandings can spoil a relationship. And ego wouldn't let anyone take the initiative to fix the issues.

Kal Ho Na Ho.....

As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back.

source -

Memorable Moment - A Sweet Journey with an Unknown Girl

Sometimes I wonder how can I dare to do things like those? Where do I get courage to do such silly things which are completely against my nature? Something like that happened yesterday when I was returning from my hometown Allahabad to New Delhi. I had booked two tickets for my Mami and me but on last minute some important work came and she said she would not able to come with me. Now the tickets could not be cancelled because only one hour was left then I decided to move ahead alone. I was on platform no. 3 and was waiting for Purushottam Express that was late by 30 – 40 Minutes (Only :-)) so I was sitting on platform and listening to my favorite songs on my Sony music player. Suddenly I saw three beautiful girls and don’t how but waited and then approached them and offered my train birth which was vacant due to my mami’s last moment cancellation of program. Generally I am very shy and a guy of less words but I am still unable to believe that I went to them and offered them my train …

Happy Holi...

Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you all a very happy and wonderful Holi.

I Miss You... Words from My Heart

वो आये और आकर चले गए
खुशिया चंद लम्हों की मेहमान बन गयी...

अधुरा सा दिन, अधूरी सी रात
जानता हू किसकी कमी रह गयी...

बेबस पाता हू अपने आप को इस हालात में
कुछ तो कहिये आपके शब्दो की कमी रह गयी...

आपसे कितना प्यार है, यह जानती है आप,
फिर आपकी तरफ से क्यों थोडी कमी रह गयी..?

कुछ शब्दों को पढ़ते हुए बीत गयी रात
दिन हुआ तो आपकी कमी खल गयी..

बीत तो जायेगे यह भी दिन और रात
पर लगता है तुम बिन जीवन में कोई कमी रह गयी॥

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu.. Beautiful Song

Rehna tu hai jaisa tu.. My new favorite from Delhi 6, after masakali and Genda Phool this one is my new love from Delhi 6 what an amazing songs this movie have. I am very much impressed with A.R Rehmans work he is really amazing. Now coming so the song the song is beautifully written by Prasoon Joshi and well sung by A.R Rehmann. The song extremely romantic and when Rehman sing Kabhi to lad jaaye ya aad jaye is awesome. The song is dedicated to……………… and the person to whom I have dedicated this song knows its her.

Rehna Tu Hai Jaisa Tu Lyrics : -

rehna tu, hai jaisa tu
thoda sa dard tu, thoda sukun

rehna tu, hai jaisa tu
dhima dhima jhonka ya phir junun
thoda sa resham tu humdam, thoda sa khurdura
kabhi daud jaaye, ya lad jaaye, ya khushboo se bhara
tujhe badalana na chaahu, ratti bhar bhi sanam
bina sajaawat milaawat, na jyaada na hee kam
tuhje chaahu jaisa hai tu
mujhe teree baarish mein bhigana hai ghuljaana hai
tuhje chaahu jaisa hai tu
mujhe tere lapat mein jalna raakh ho jaana hai

tu jakham …


Jaanta Hu Kitne Aansu Beh Gaye Kitne Gam Pighal Gaye - 2
Khwaab Har Jala Duur Tu Jo Chala - 2
Mat Jaa Mat Jaa - 2
Jo Khata Hai Woh Bata Mat Jaa

Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Bikhru Main Yahaan
Ho Dheere Dheere Haule Haule Bikhru Main Yahaan
Chupke Chupke Rakhna Chup Ke Bikhru Main Jahaan
Tumko Bhi Kya Bhala Tu Bhi Jo Hai Chala
Mat Jaa Mat Jaa - 2
Jo Khata Hai Woh Bata Mat Jaa

Sachha Kya Hai Jhutha Kya Hai Uljha Hi Raha
Likhna Chaahu Likh Na Paaun Dil Ne Jo Kaha
Dard Woh Mila Shabd Ban Gaye Bhala
Mat Jaa Mat Jaa - 2
Jaanta Hu Kitne Aansu Beh Gaye Kitne Gam Pighal Gaye - 2
Khwaab Har Jala Duur Tu Jo Chala - 2
Mat Jaa Mat Jaa - 2
Jo Khata Hai Woh Bata Mat Jaa - 2 SORRY :-(


Things are not well these days :-(


I will die the next moment if you assured me I would take birth from you next time.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 Grand Finale on 24th January

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 in now is in its final stage. The final battle is between Yashita Yashpal Sharma vs. Soumen Nandi vs. Vaishali Made. I am not a die heart fan of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’s because of the faltoo drama and Himesh Reshamiya. You remember when Imraan Hashmi was on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa to promote his Raaz 2 and the anchor Aditya Narayan, all contestants and judges were doing overacting to make all of us fool. The Arabic Girl Asma can talk good Hindi now but she still try to speak in artificial voice to impress public which in not entertaining now.

Coming to finalists my favorite is Vaishali Made she is a complete singer with a lovely voice but the only thing which is not as nice is that she is in Himesh Reshamiya’s gharana. Soumen has impressed all with classical singing. I am bit confused in Yashita’s case. In fact, I wonder if this is a singing competition, or is it how attractive the competitors are? But I still wish her all the best.

The Grand Finale of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa C…

Delhi 6 Music Review - Download Delhi 6 songs

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra is will strike back in Bollywood with Delhi-6 after his blockbuster flick Rang De Basanti took a nation by surprise. Delhi-6 (earlier titled Dilli 6) will star Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Om Puri in the lead roles. The music has been composed by A.R Rahman. The lyrics have been penned down by Prasoon Joshi. Currently a song from the soundtrack titled Masakalli is running in the promos on national television. According to me A.R Rahman had a hard time creating some fine music in 2008 with some major disappointments. Delhi-6 is Rahman’s first Bollywood soundtrack in 2009. Read on for the music review of Delhi-6.

Delhi 6 Music Review song -Aarti (Tumre Bhavan Mein)
The soundtrack begins on a serious note with this track titled Aarti. The melody in the background is so smooth. A decent beginning to the most anticipated music soundtrack for 2009.

Delhi 6 Music Review song- Arziyan
Javed Ali and Kailash Kher team up for this next song Arziyan. The killer tabla are…

Rekha Bhardwaj - Best Female Voice in Recent Times

Singing is an art and varies singer to singer. God has chosen Rekha Bhardwaj to be one of the blessed ones who have a unique voice which goes deep down the heart because she sings from her heart. Her choices of songs also fall into a unique category and seems more inclined to a devoted, dedicated feeling. Whenever I have listened to her songs, her voice makes me sway with her rhythm. She has a voice to get absorbed into and pulls away from the world to a distinct abode of serenity.

I am in love with her voice.. Rekha Bhardwaj was an unknown singer for me until I heard her song Ek Woh Din Bhi the, on Puja upadhyay blog Lahrein. I liked the song straightaway because of her lovely voice and awesome lyrics written by Gulzar Saheb. I also wrote about this song on my blog. Since I heard this I song I fell in love with her and searched about her other songs and to my surprise she hasn’t sung much songs. Some of her famous songs include Namak Ishq Ka from Omkara, Tere Ishq mein from Ishqa …