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Paisa Khuda to Nahi Par...

"पैसा खुदा तो नहीं पर खुदा से कम भी नहीं" नहीं मानता था इस बात को लेकिन लोगो ने बार बार एहसास करवाया और मुझे यह समझाया की सच पैसा खुदा तो नहीं पर खुदा से कम भी नहीं ...

Tum Meri Koi Nahi...

Mera tumhara kya rishta hai..Kuch bhi nahin
Agar kabhi tum guzarta dekho…
Kya tum mujhe bulaogi??..Shayad nahin
Agar jo phir hum kabhi na mile to
Kya tum yaad aaogi?..Nahin
Kyun ki tum meri koi nahin
Main janta hun magar
Ho jab meri koi nahin
Kyun lagti ho mujhko parayi nahin

Jab bhi mile hum aisa laga phir, milenge nahin
Phir bhi na jane, kisi bhahane milte gaye
Hum tum magar kahin na kahin
Jab aaj koi nahin hai bahana
Phir kyun thair jaye kadam yahin
Ho tum meri koi nahin main janta hun magar
Ho jab meri koi nahin kyun lagti ho mujhko parayi nahin

Ek ajnabi se itni na ki thi baaten kabhi
Jo chaha dil ne kehta gaya main
Tum se koi bhi doori mujhe lagi na kabhi
Paas tumhare aaya tha kitne, yeh ehsaas ho raha hai mujhe abhi
Par tum meri koi nahin
Shayad mujhe hai yakeen
Ho jab meri koi nahin
Kyun ki tum meri koi nahin

Alwida Nagarro but Friends Forever..

Hi friends. Finally I am writing something new on my blog. I was tied up with lots of new work and I was lost in a different new world. Everything has changed in my life from May 18th - new office, new responsibilities, new challenges and new goals. Life was fun at nagarro (my previous office) and I am missing all my nagarro friends here in my new office specially my colleagues my dear friends my family at nagarro.

It was great fun to be with you guys from Monday to Friday 9hours daily :), I'll always be thankful to you guys for all the care, love and support. I would like to thanks Dhiraj sir for making me whatever I am today; I have really enjoyed working with him. I'll always thankful to Misha ji she was always there in my good and bad times with me, she had solution of all my problems and she has an amazing heart which has love and care for everyone, life is bit complex without her :(. I would like to thank Taru, Shail and Danish Also for all their love, care and support …