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Rakhi ka Swayamvar: REAL or FAKE?

So finally the recently popular (comedy show?) Rakhi ka Swayamvar is in its last stage। Only three contestants are left in the show which are Manas, Elesh and Shitij. People are guessing whom rakhi will marry? But I would like to ask a question to everyone, how many of you think that Rakhi will get married in this show? My personal opinion is that she is not going to marry anyone. The show is fake (Personal opinion) and a drama only for TRP. Now something about the show:

I have hardly seen 2-3 episodes of this show and found it could be a good comedy show। Contestants have done pretty hard work to be in Rakhi Sawant’s swayamvar. They did dancing, acting and faced many physical challenges to be in the show for the world’s most beautiful woman (Rakshi thinks so: D) Every time when Rakhi tries to smile, it looks like the best joke of century: D. It is more of a comedy show than any kind of swayamvar. Rakhi is a girl who knows how to be in news with her loud mouth and strange comparisons (…