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Trip to Varanasi – My Spiritual Journey

Wow it felt amazing to be in Varanasi... The City of temples. It was a long and pretty relaxed trip after such a long time and I covered many places this time and luckily met my friends too. This time it was a pre-planned trip so everything went very well. I had booked a direct ticked in Garib rath from Delhi to Varanasi. The train was good and I had a great time with a very nice co passenger... She was from Varanasi and a reporter by profession. She came to Delhi to attend a conference on health related stuff (Don’t remember exactly) the funny thing was we both sharing the same ringtone (Aaoge Jab tum Sajna) and every time when her phone rang I use to search for my mobile :D. like every other time I went in to the train without any kind of food and not even a bottle of water. I thought the train would have pantry coach in it and I would buy something to eat from it but my bad luck there was no pantry coach in Varanasi Garib Rath and I came to know about this by the same girl. I was p…