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Trip to Jaipur - Another Colourful Page Of My Life

After months of Yes/No, finally or say suddenly we (Me and Babita) decided to go for a trip to Jaipur -The Pink City. It was due from a long time and we tried to utilize our Christmas holidays and now I'll say that it was a good decision. It was a special trip for many other reasons also. Jaipur is the future Sasural of my Margdarshak and home of my Guru who used to teach me ART of Living :). We left for Jaipur on Saturday morning from Gurgaon station by Gareeb Rath and reached Jaipur around 2.00 Pm. I was impressed by Gareeb Rath again. It was just Just 2 minute late by its schedule time, can you believe it? Coming back on the track, since we didn’t get any rooms online due to holiday crowd at Jaipur, we decided we'll see something once we reach Jaipur and it was our first mission to get the place for our Night stay. We hired an Auto Rickshaw and he took us too few Hotels which was way below the quality and very highly priced. We left an inquiry to Damu Hotel (didn’t remembe…

Thank You Hanuman Ji :)

Dear Hanuman Ji.. Thanks so much for being with me always. today you once again proved that you are with me and will be Always. Love you a lot