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4 Books that will Make You Cry – Close to my Heart

I’ll always be thankful to Indian railways for introducing me to the awesome world called Books. Yes, it may seem funny to you but I was introduced to this book world by Indian railways. Actually, my train was 3-4 hours late and during my trip to Shimla, I decided to buy a book to kill time. To my surprise, I really liked the book and was reading through its picturesque language until the coach attended in the train came and switched off the lights. Actually, it was 1’o clock in the night. After this incident, something within me took me to books every time I visited a mall in Gurgaon. Being a Piscean, I am quite emotional as a person and books related to love stories or sad emotional non-fictions became my favorite. Till date, I have read 2 States, Five Point Someone, One Night in a Call Center, The Kite Runner, P.s. I Love you (My favorite, it made me cry like a child), A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle. This post is about some books which will make you cry or make you sad…

HTC Desire – My Desire came true

Continuing my love for gadgets and mobiles, I bought HTC desire last month, my most expensive phone till date. I always wanted to buy an iPhone but Apple makes me sick, the pricing for their technology is pathetic here in India. An Apple iPhone 3gs would cost you around 28 to 30k here in India which too much for a 2-year old phone so I granted my wish and saw this amazing piece of HTC’s brilliance and bought the HTC desire. It’s amazing if I get a chance to describe this device in one world. The only problem is that I have to charge it daily.

Some features of HTC Desire
•3.7″ AMOLED capacitive touch screen
•1GHz processor
•1400mAh battery
•5MP camera with face detection, auto focus, flash, and geotagging
•3.5mm audio jack
•Android 2.1 Eclair OS
•512MB ROM, 572MB RAM, microSD card slot
•3G, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1
•digital compass
•proximity sensor
•ambient light sensor
•and of course A-GPS

Shimla - A Memorable Journey to Friendship..

Well, I am back in Gurgaon and the first thing which came in my mind after coming home was to write a post on my blog about one of my best trips so far. I must say that I was extremely skeptical about traveling for the first time to the Himalayas. It was an unplanned trip and in my wildest dreams I never thought it will turn out so special that I’ll cherish it for rest of my life. All this started with the announcement of 3 days weekend in the office on 1st week of September and I did not want to waste my 3 days sitting at home as I did every weekend. I wanted to travel in a new world of nature and at the last moment and after seeing so many options, I opted for a trip to Shimla and before I proceed, I would like to thank my new colleagues and FRIENDS Raman and Shivali for all the planning they did for my trip and again a special thanks to Shivali for writing my travel plan for Chail, Kofri, and Shimla in details.

I had booked my tickets in Kalka mail which was around 9.40 Pm from Old …

A LETTER FROM A GIRL TO JRD TATA IN 1974 (Worth a read..)


This is the stuff legends are made of..Worth a read..

It was probably the April of 1974. Bangalore was getting warm and gulmohars were blooming at the IISc campus. I was the only girl in my postgraduate department and was staying at the ladies' hostel. Other girls were pursuing research in different departments of Science. I was looking forward to going abroad to complete a doctorate in computer science. I had been offered scholarships from Universities in the US... I had not thought of taking up a job in India.

One day, while on the way to my hostel from our lecture-hall complex, I saw an advertisement on the notice board. It was a standard job-requirement notice from the famous automobile company Telco (now Tata Motors)... It stated that the company required young, bright engineers, hardworking and with an excellent academic background, etc.

At the bottom was a small line: 'Lady Candidates need not apply.' I read it and was very upset. For …

Truth of Commonwealth Games 2010 – Cartoon

अंतिम सत्य ---- The Last Truth...

2010 Football World Cup – Football Shootball Hai Rabba

In a world of cricket crazy country I have recently bitten by Football virus,, this game is damm awesome, before this FIFA 2010 world cup I never liked football much or say never got a chance to like it, my knowledge about Football was only limited to Pele, maradona, Brazil and Ronaldo etc. I am glad I am introduced to the world of Soccer and at the same time very sad that we can not see team India in this biggest sports event, Its a shame for India 1 billion people and only one active team in cricket, that too losses against Zimbabwe.??? And due to my limited knowledge about Football I asked a friend of mine that why India didn’t qualified in this world cup? He gave me a strange hard look and told me to wait for another 100 years  so I am supporting Argentina this time because of Messi and Maradona, good luck Argentina

Who is your favorite player in this world cup? And which team are you supporting? Predict your 2010 winner

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna Ab Hamare Dil Mein Hai...

You guys must have heard this Poem in Rang de Basanti in voice of Atul Kulkarni and Amir Khan, FYI Gulal has something new for this poem which really suits the current generation... lets cut the crap and come to the point.. here are the videos of this poem

Rang De Basanti Version

Gulal Version

Check last lines of this one, Funny and TRUE..

Full Poem

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai
Dekhna hai zor kitna baazu-e-qaatil mein hai

Aye watan, Karta nahin kyun doosree kuch baat-cheet
Dekhta hun main jise woh chup teri mehfil mein hai
Aye shaheed-e-mulk-o-millat main tere oopar nisaar
Ab teri himmat ka charcha ghair kyu mehfil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Waqt aanay dey bata denge tujhe aye aasman
Hum abhi se kya batayen kya hamare dil mein hai
Kheench kar layee hai sab ko qatl hone ki ummeed
Aashiqon ka aaj jumghat koocha-e-qaatil mein hai
Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai

Hai liye hathiyaar dushman taak mein baitha udhar
Aur hum taiyyaar hain seena liye apn…

Random Musings

People who were in touch with me every second every minute is now no where near to me.. Its not that they don’t love me now, its just they have to do so many things in so little time and they don’t have time to love me the way I want them.. Pata nahi kisi se jyada pyar karo to wo door kyu ho jate hai? Ya aap unse itna pyar karne lagte hai ki thodi si bhi doori bahut lagne lagti hai?

There was a time when I use to write 2-3 new posts on my blog then 1 in a week and now it takes me 1-2 months to write a new blog post.. Kya likhu???? Abhi ke liye bas yahibut remember I AM ALIVE………..

कुछ शब्द.......

Since I bought a Nokia 5800 Express music and Airtel’s 2 GB mobile internet plan I am online 24*7 at Facebook.. I did join Gulzar’s community at facebook and updating my profile there frequently with some bakwass poems etc.. Here are some of them

बेईमानी मत करना अबकी बार, सूद समेत लौटा देना..मेरी कितनी रातें उधर है तुम पर...

तुम बिन जीने की कोशिश बदस्तूर जारी है.. भूल ही नहीं पाते तुम्हे क्या करे, ये दिल की बीमारी है...

कभी पढना दिल की निगाहों से हमे... तुम ही तुम नज़र आओगे हर और

अब ये आंखे नहीं पहचानती किसी को.. पर तुझे भूलने की कोशिश अब भी जारी है...

देता इस दिल को भी एक जुबा इ रब.. तुम क्या जानो कितना कुछ अनसुना रह जाता है


Hum Ke Thehre Ajnabi ...Bful Ghazal

I want to share this lovely song Hum Ke Thehre Ajnabi with you all. This is a Pakistani Ghazal and was written by famous and legendry poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz when he FIRST TIME GOES TO DHAKA BANGLADESH IN 1972(when than part of Pakistan become another country). This lovely song is sung by Nayrra Noor and I am absolutely in love with her voice, the way she says "hum" in the beginning simply takes my breath away. Here is the lyrics

hum ke Thairey ajnabi itni madaraatooN ke baad
phir banain gaiN aashnaa kitni mulaqatooN ke baad

Kab nazar maiN aaey ge bai_daGh sabzey ki bahar
Khoon ke dhabbey dhulain gaiN kitni barsaatooN ke baad

dil to chaaha par shikasht-e-dil nay muhlat he na di
kuch giley shikvey bhi kar laitey manajaatooN ke baad

thay buhat bai_dard lamhey Khatm-e-dard-e-ishq ke
theeN buhat bai_mehar subhaiN meherbaaN raatooN ke baad

un se jo kehney gaey thai "faiz" jaaN sadqa kiye
unkahee he reh gai voh baat sab baatooN ke baad

Canon 1000D :Welcome to My Tech bhandar

It is a long time dream come true, yesterday was the day when after reading 2000-3000 reviews and after doing loads of R&D finally I bought a new Canon 1000D. I have never touched a DSLR till I bought this one. Now I want to learn how to use it properly to get the full benefit of it. It’s special because I had a fight with my sister over buying it or not and I am glad she has now approved it: D, thank you :) now just need to get my head around Manual and Automatic focus and all that sort of thing. It’s quite a big step up from the fully automatic compact digital camera to a DSLR, but will be fun learning!