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4 Books that will Make You Cry – Close to my Heart

I’ll always be thankful to Indian railways for introducing me to the awesome world called Books. Yes, it may seem funny to you but I was introduced to this book world by Indian railways. Actually, my train was 3-4 hours late and during my trip to Shimla, I decided to buy a book to kill time. To my surprise, I really liked the book and was reading through its picturesque language until the coach attended in the train came and switched off the lights. Actually, it was 1’o clock in the night. After this incident, something within me took me to books every time I visited a mall in Gurgaon. Being a Piscean, I am quite emotional as a person and books related to love stories or sad emotional non-fictions became my favorite. Till date, I have read 2 States, Five Point Someone, One Night in a Call Center, The Kite Runner, P.s. I Love you (My favorite, it made me cry like a child), A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle. This post is about some books which will make you cry or make you sad…