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Trip to Czech Republic: Delhi to Prague – Part I

First Girlfriend, First Passport application, First time to an International Airport, First time in a plane, First time to a Foreign Land, so many things…and all happened for the very FIRST time! Is that what you call ‘love just happens’?   
Life started to change when I met some foreigner friends in Shimla and then in Amritsar at the time of Diwali last year. Since then, life has been busy and interesting with travel to new destinations and meeting new people. The best trip came last month when I got an invitation to visit my dear friend Alenka who belongs to Czech Republic in Europe. 
From old red roof buildings to castles of amazing people, the very idea was so exciting! I didn’t have much time to plan things meticulously. Not that I wanted to…. I wanted to just rush and not miss the opportunity in any way! There was loads to arrange which started from money, office leaves (I had already taken more than 72 leaves in last 1.2 years for bad health and of course, my travel adventures)…


To see god from so close is always an amazing experience, I did Rudrabhishek (it is a part of a Hindu Pooja (prayer) that involved pouring milk and a special concoction of milk, buttermilk, and spices over Shiv Linga (statue of Lord Shiva) to cleanse it.) the environment, melodic sound of priest chanting vaidik mantras in Sanskrit and the peace it brings to the heart… I am Blessed. Thank you lord

Mera Gam Hi Aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya

Found this beautiful heart touching song sung by Babbu Mann from his album Mera Gam, i have Mp3 verson of this song in case you need that, write meat

Mera Gam Hi Aakhir Lyrics

Mera Gam hi aakhir mere kaam aaya..- 2
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aayaa..
Mera Gam hi aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya

Lakh Chupaya is zamane se - 2
Meri Ghazal mein Aakhir Tera naam aaya
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aaya
Mera Gum hi aakhir mere kaam aaya

Chod di kab ki zindagi humne - 2
Chod ke jab se shahar tera apne gaon aaya
Aaj bahut Roya ki aaram aaya
Mera Gum hi aakhir mere kaam aaya

So rahe the chain se kabr mein - 2
Uth gaye sar pe achanak jo tera paon aaya
Aaj bahut Roya ki aaram aaya
Mera gam hi aakhir Mere kaam aaya

Hasra ka din hai aaj Jashn mana,
Bandh ke sar pe Kafan aaj Maan aaya
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aaya
Mera gam hi aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya

Mohyal Ashram Haridwar Review: Close to the GOD

Laziness kept me away from my blog for long. The last 2-3 months were quite happening and I got a chance to visit Europe…aahh we will speak about that later. Couple of weeks back, I came back from a trip to Haridwar. It was my second trip to the gate of heavens and the highlight was simply sacred - our own Ganga. It was a short trip of two days and the emphasis was more on the religious significance of such places because high on our agenda was bathing in the holy river Ganga, visiting 'Mansha Devi' and 'Chandi Devi' temples, and attending the famous Aarti on Har ki Pauri in the evening at Haridwar. I have been to this place earlier and as if my last experience needed just another visit to make its imprint stronger that my eyes got to witness another beautiful evening at Haridwar. Evenings at haridwar are not like the usual ones. There are small deepaks (tiny oil lamps) which glow with their yellowish orange light in the water on floating green leaves with a handful o…

Rockstar Movie Review - "Mohit Chauhan is Bigger Rockstar"

The rockstar of the movie, if any, was Mohit Chauhan!

In one line- Average movie with good music. A. R. Rehman has never let us down, has he? Ok now, to the movie. Really not upto the mark. Let me criticize first, and then probably neutralize it! A dumb actress who missed her dialogue delivery classes before shoot. Infact in the initial first half, I wanted to hide myself for such pathetic dialogue delivery. In the second half, probably I got used to it. The woman looked like Angeline Jolie, with the pout and all that, she had beautiful hair, but that’s it. Kingfisher calendar shoot is much difficult than a full-fledged movie, after all.

About the so called humor: It sucked, big time. The first half was supposed to be funny, I read! But who gets amused by lame samosa-chutney jokes these days! And really there was NO humor in the canteen guy’s overzealous advices of an-artist’s-life-is-full-of-pain shit. Besides, Ranbir Kapoor (aka Janardan- alias Jordan) just went to talk to the girl …

List Of Romantic Hindi Songs - Must Listen

"I am happy to announce that we have a guest writer for our blog; she is a colleague of mine and will share her favorite Hindi songs"

Hello everyone, I am Komal Sharma, and just like all of you, I am also a music lover who likes to share her thoughts on what she likes. I present to you a selection of songs which I really admire. These songs have touched many hearts. I hope you all enjoy these and share your thoughts with me too.

1) Tu Bin Bataye Mujhe le Chal Kahin (Rang de Basanti)

This is a beautiful calm song, picturized on Soha Ali Khan and R. Madhvan from the famous movie Rang De Basanti. The song takes you in a world where there is so much joy…and the true happiness which lies in love. It says…that all my happiness lies in you…it lies where you are. A true dedication to your loved one.
“jise tu gungunaye meri dhun hai wahin, jahan tu muskuraye meri manzil wahin”…..these words can hardly leave any heart untouched.

2) Chal chalein apne ghar…(Who Lamhe)

I don’t know wha…

Best Ghazals of Jagjit Singh.. Top 10 my Favorite

"Akhri hichki teray zanon pay aye. Maut bhi mayn shairana chahta hon ...
Thak gaya mai karte karte yaad tumko Ab tujhay mayn yaad ana chahta hon....."
It is not just his overwhelmingly heart-tugging voice and serene rendition of ghazals that will stay with his admirers. For there are far too many accomplishments that grace the legend of Jagjit Singh.

Yeah it’s still difficult to believe that he left us but before leaving he gave us something which will always remind us of his great work, He was not the first Ghazal singer. But he was the first one to sing the ones which college guys like me could understand, something which travelled heart to hearts. He brought Ghazals to common man.
Here's looking back at the legendary singer's best-loved numbers or say my favorite Jagjit Singh Ghazals

1.Pyar ka Pehla Khat Likhne mein 
“Naye parindo ko udne mein Waqt to lagta hai”…
This is the song which brought me close to Jagjit Singh’s magic world, so deep lyrics and his magical singi…

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult: Not everybody has an option

WARNING: This book will probably make you cry.
With every passing book, they seem to becoming my best friend and close to my heart. I have just finished reading “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult and yet again another book touched my heart and made me cry again, I saw the trailer first on HBO and was curious since then to the idea of a child going to court against her own family. At first I found the writing sort of... typical. Nothing particularly surprising in the style and word choice, but as I got into it the moral questions raised by the story definitely had me deep in thought.

This book deals with sensitive topics very gracefully. Each chapter is told from a different character's point of view, which I loved. It gave the story so many different perspectives. There was a depth of character that you don't normally get in books that are told by one narrator. This is a story of a normal family, dealing with a life-threatening sickness, and I liked the fact that it didn…

Yada Yada hi Dharmasya Meaning - Mahabharata and ME

Mahabharata the greatest epic ever, something connected from my childhood, Arjuna, bheem, Duryodhan, Pitamaah.. Aaaaaah

Someday we will discuss Mahabharat and my childhood here, for today Lets recall one of the most well-known verses from the Bhagawad-Geeta
यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत, अभ्युथानम् अधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् | परित्राणाय साधुनाम विनाशाय च: दुष्कृताम, धर्मं संस्थापनार्थाय सम्भावामी युगे युगे ||
yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srjamy aham Paritranaay Sadhunaam Vinashay cha dushkritam Dharma Sansthapanarthay sambhawami yuge yuge

Approximate translation:

Whenever there is decline of Dharma (righteousness)..and rise of Adharma (unrighteousness);
To protect the destroy the wicked and to re-establish Dharma, I manifest myself, through the ages.

ये बरिशे और वो तेरा साथ....

ऐसी ही रिमझिम सी बरसात में.... कुछ  पल  साथ  चले  थे  हम... 
Frame करा  लिया  है  उन  लम्हों  को.. 

की  अब  वैसी  बरसात  नहीं  होती.........

My new Samsung Galaxy SII - The Brightest star

Wow with looking in to one of the brightest screen in front of my eyes I announce - Rohit Tripathi has the new Samsung Galaxy S II in his hands, one hell of amazing phone, the 4. 3 inch amazing display, Amazingly fast dual core processor, instant GPS lock, slim design, weight only 116 grams, smooth browsing experience, 1080p video recording, 8 mega pixel camera, and as usual a bad battery backup (Android is the one to blame) is how you can summarize this monster by Samsung. It all started with my HTC Desire decided to take a dip in bucket full of water and I was forced to think of a new mobile (I still love my HTC desire like an Ex-girlfriend) and as usual went for the best one available in the market. Here is the list of features of my new love

Key features

Quad-band GSM and quad-band 3G support
21 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA support
4.3" 16M-color Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen of WVGA (480 x 800 pixel) resolution
Android OS v2.3.3 with TouchWiz 4 launcher
1.2 GHz…

Chanakya Quotes... The Master of Nitishashtra

For centuries to come and the centuries that went by, which recorded in history talking of the great men and legendary characters who shaped time through their vision and exemplary actions. Chanakya, perhaps is the only personality who has been accepted and revered as a genius both by Indian and Western scholars. He is a historical milestone in the making of India amidst tremendous upheavals and myriad’s of reversals. Celebrated as a shrewd statesman and a ruthless administrator, he comes across as the greatest of diplomats of the world. He had the guts to speak his heart out even in front of the rulers, which shows his strong inclination to democratic values and the audacity to put his views through. Although, he lived around the third century BC, his ideas and principles show concurrence and validity in the present day world.His principles are worth reading even today. It was his principles only that created a world class ruler from a simple boy... Here are some famous quotes from h…

Top 10 Hindi Movies: Bollywood at its Best

Cinema and cricket are the two religions in India and I am an all time follower of both the religions. Sitting on my relaxing chair, I thought to list and share my top 10 all time hits from Bollywood with you all, the list includes some of the best Comedy, Romance, Love, Action and Drama, Here is the list of my Favorite Top 10 Best Hindi Movies

1) 3 Idiots (2009)

Starting with my super duper hit 3 Idiots. Directed by Raj Kumar Hirani, starring Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor and Boman Irani, is a perfect portrayal of the life of any youngster in this world. The movie displays everything from a serious remark on the current examination system to the unbreakable bond of friendship, love, all in a wonderful genre called Comedy. Truly, there can be no other delight than to watch this movie any number of time.

2) Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)

Directed by Aditya Chopra, I do not even need to mention the cast as this movie has broken records of all times and is th…

Trip to Mukteshwar: TERI Himalaya Centre - Rejuvenate Yourself

Hills have always enticed me. Their beauty and majesty has pulled the strings of my guitar. That ancient song "The hills are alive…" comes to mind. Indeed, they are alive! A chance to visit TERI's 'heaven in the hills' Himalaya Retreat Center in Mukteshwar, came after a rigorous nine-month office schedule on the hallowed fourth floor.

Set amid the green, the Himalaya Retreat Centre is a perfect image of what TERI stands for-innovative sustainable solutions for the future. There can't a better place
to de-stress and rejuvenate. I was looking forward to this trip for a long time and finally the day came. Together with a very dear Czech friend, I planned the trip to Mukteshwar.

We took the Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi Railway station which reached Kathgodam around 1.00 pm. The train, which usually reaches early morning, was eight hours late-- protestors had blocked the track around Moradabad but of course, that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We fo…

I Love you...grrrrr, yes I really DO

With these passing days and people giving some of them special names for celebration, I used to wonder if they really served any purpose?! A mob of confused feelings within the throat but never making it ahead.. entangling amongst each other ..thinking which one to voice first and how… and lots of thoughts conflicting whether to express or not to and how..lots of questions about when.. today I have a self realization..these special days were people like that people like me can at least think today as an appropriate day to express to someone like that I like your ways.. I like how you think and wonder how we might do you think we click..errr…n do you think we click more than just good friends?. I was wondering how you had feel about us being together…. my heart says I like you, We retain what we are uptil today if you think some other way..but just in case you think it was worth a go....then I will be waiting…

I don't Promise you the moon...
...I don'…