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Trip to Mukteshwar: TERI Himalaya Centre - Rejuvenate Yourself

Hills have always enticed me. Their beauty and majesty has pulled the strings of my guitar. That ancient song "The hills are alive…" comes to mind. Indeed, they are alive! A chance to visit TERI's 'heaven in the hills' Himalaya Retreat Center in Mukteshwar, came after a rigorous nine-month office schedule on the hallowed fourth floor.

Set amid the green, the Himalaya Retreat Centre is a perfect image of what TERI stands for-innovative sustainable solutions for the future. There can't a better place
to de-stress and rejuvenate. I was looking forward to this trip for a long time and finally the day came. Together with a very dear Czech friend, I planned the trip to Mukteshwar.

We took the Ranikhet Express from Old Delhi Railway station which reached Kathgodam around 1.00 pm. The train, which usually reaches early morning, was eight hours late-- protestors had blocked the track around Moradabad but of course, that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. We fo…