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Mohyal Ashram Haridwar Review: Close to the GOD

Laziness kept me away from my blog for long. The last 2-3 months were quite happening and I got a chance to visit Europe…aahh we will speak about that later. Couple of weeks back, I came back from a trip to Haridwar. It was my second trip to the gate of heavens and the highlight was simply sacred - our own Ganga. It was a short trip of two days and the emphasis was more on the religious significance of such places because high on our agenda was bathing in the holy river Ganga, visiting 'Mansha Devi' and 'Chandi Devi' temples, and attending the famous Aarti on Har ki Pauri in the evening at Haridwar. I have been to this place earlier and as if my last experience needed just another visit to make its imprint stronger that my eyes got to witness another beautiful evening at Haridwar. Evenings at haridwar are not like the usual ones. There are small deepaks (tiny oil lamps) which glow with their yellowish orange light in the water on floating green leaves with a handful o…

Rockstar Movie Review - "Mohit Chauhan is Bigger Rockstar"

The rockstar of the movie, if any, was Mohit Chauhan!

In one line- Average movie with good music. A. R. Rehman has never let us down, has he? Ok now, to the movie. Really not upto the mark. Let me criticize first, and then probably neutralize it! A dumb actress who missed her dialogue delivery classes before shoot. Infact in the initial first half, I wanted to hide myself for such pathetic dialogue delivery. In the second half, probably I got used to it. The woman looked like Angeline Jolie, with the pout and all that, she had beautiful hair, but that’s it. Kingfisher calendar shoot is much difficult than a full-fledged movie, after all.

About the so called humor: It sucked, big time. The first half was supposed to be funny, I read! But who gets amused by lame samosa-chutney jokes these days! And really there was NO humor in the canteen guy’s overzealous advices of an-artist’s-life-is-full-of-pain shit. Besides, Ranbir Kapoor (aka Janardan- alias Jordan) just went to talk to the girl …