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Trip to Czech Republic: Delhi to Prague – Part I

First Girlfriend, First Passport application, First time to an International Airport, First time in a plane, First time to a Foreign Land, so many things…and all happened for the very FIRST time! Is that what you call ‘love just happens’?   
Life started to change when I met some foreigner friends in Shimla and then in Amritsar at the time of Diwali last year. Since then, life has been busy and interesting with travel to new destinations and meeting new people. The best trip came last month when I got an invitation to visit my dear friend Alenka who belongs to Czech Republic in Europe. 
From old red roof buildings to castles of amazing people, the very idea was so exciting! I didn’t have much time to plan things meticulously. Not that I wanted to…. I wanted to just rush and not miss the opportunity in any way! There was loads to arrange which started from money, office leaves (I had already taken more than 72 leaves in last 1.2 years for bad health and of course, my travel adventures)…


To see god from so close is always an amazing experience, I did Rudrabhishek (it is a part of a Hindu Pooja (prayer) that involved pouring milk and a special concoction of milk, buttermilk, and spices over Shiv Linga (statue of Lord Shiva) to cleanse it.) the environment, melodic sound of priest chanting vaidik mantras in Sanskrit and the peace it brings to the heart… I am Blessed. Thank you lord

Mera Gam Hi Aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya

Found this beautiful heart touching song sung by Babbu Mann from his album Mera Gam, i have Mp3 verson of this song in case you need that, write meat

Mera Gam Hi Aakhir Lyrics

Mera Gam hi aakhir mere kaam aaya..- 2
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aayaa..
Mera Gam hi aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya

Lakh Chupaya is zamane se - 2
Meri Ghazal mein Aakhir Tera naam aaya
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aaya
Mera Gum hi aakhir mere kaam aaya

Chod di kab ki zindagi humne - 2
Chod ke jab se shahar tera apne gaon aaya
Aaj bahut Roya ki aaram aaya
Mera Gum hi aakhir mere kaam aaya

So rahe the chain se kabr mein - 2
Uth gaye sar pe achanak jo tera paon aaya
Aaj bahut Roya ki aaram aaya
Mera gam hi aakhir Mere kaam aaya

Hasra ka din hai aaj Jashn mana,
Bandh ke sar pe Kafan aaj Maan aaya
Aaj bahut roya ki aaram aaya
Mera gam hi aakhir Mere Kaam Aaya