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Trip to Jodhpur – the magical blue

Jodhpur was always in my dreams - those blue painted houses - the mighty fort wanted to give me some memories to cherish... so they sent me an invitation to come and see them :) and Gandhi ji’s birthday (national holiday) helped me to plan this trip. I quickly searched for train tickets and was lucky to find the return tickets though in sleeper class but who cares about the comfort to adventure. The train Mandoor Express stops at Gurgaon station also and I decided to board the train from Gurgaon as I was not prepared enough to leave straight from office. I booked my room in a hotel called Hotel Haveli after reading few online reviews on my online travel guide Indiamike and
Surprisingly the train reached well on time to Jodhpur station and the hotel Haveli guys were kind enough to send a cab to pick me from the railway station, the hotel was near to the old city and hidden in beautiful criss-cross lanes of Jodhpur. I slept for few hours before getting ready to explor…

हाँ प्यार है तुमसे....

बस कुछ दिनों में फिर से हसीं शामें आएँगी
अपने हाथों में तेरा हाथ लेकर ढूंढेंगे दरिया के किनारे

डूबता सूरज समंदर के किनारे लाल कर देगा
फिर जब हम दोनों के पांव पड़ेंगे
वो पानी फिर से हरा हो जायेगा !

फिर रेत में खींचेंगे तस्वीर कोई ,
समझेंगे निगाहों से निगाहों की बातें

तुम्हारी आँखों की चमक करेंगी रोशन दिन मेरा

नीली नीली सी समुंदर सी आँखें Miluji Te

Main Na Bhoolunga - Lovely song, Download & Lyrics

I know. I know it’s been so long since I posted anything on my blog. I was just busy making plans for my future. Yesterday, while browsing channels on T.V I heard a melodious voice and stopped. The voice turned out to be one the greatest singer of India, Mukesh Da and only followed by the Greatest ever Lata Mangeshkar Ji. The song was from the movie Roti Kapda aur Makaan “Main Na Bhoolunga”. The lyrics of the song are lovely and the music – melodious. It portrays how difficult it is to forget the person you loved sincerely but when love doesn’t end happily, one has to forget and move on. Sometimes, we feel it is better not to have loved at all. Then again, we feel that it was better to have met and loved the person at least once. At least once – to have crossed paths, to have exchanged words – words, which now mean a lot. Words – which were funny, ordinary, boring or none at all but they mean a lot and become the ‘unforgettable assets of life’. All you have are the words or moments b…

Hare Krishna Sad tune

I have always hated commercial bhajans made for earning money, this one is different. Her soft voice melts my heart like an ice-cream in the sun so much love for my Krishna. She is calling Krishna from her heart and you can feel it in her voice, enjoy a Sad Hare Krishna tune today sung by a Krishna Bhakt

Hare Krishna

Best Hindi Sad Songs list... let your heart CRY - Updated 2014

Music is your best friend. It is a companion who can never show a back. It is something which is relieving and breathtaking at the same time, satin-like and rocking as well, heart-breaking yet holding on to it. It is something you hear with the first streak of sunlight when the birds fly above covering the whole sky and uttering small beautiful notes of smile, love, laughter and cheer!

It also flows down with those playful waves of water which fall down the high mountains and spread across the plains – quenching the dryness and slowly falling into a soft humming synchrony.

Music come with the rustling of leaves in the green forests as a soul steps its feet on the ground. Why – doesn’t it also appear when it rains heavily and later, a soft breeze blows the tears off someone’s face as she peeps outside her window…she feels her pain revive and her tears trickle in the form of melodies of love – of parting – of sadness and reclusion.

Music helps you to let your emotions CRY. So for …

Republic Day Parade - My heart beats for you INDIA

Did not have the phone to record what all I saw today, but this video comes close to the experience it was! Everybody must watch the republic day parade at India Gate atleast once! the strength of our army, the navy, the air force...just fills your heart with ssoooo much pride! that 21 gun salute in the beginning shook me from inside...then the air force show!!! Spectacular! Feel so proud today. Watching all these soldiers do so much for the country, it made me a better person somewhere. There was a march by retired army soldiers, in their 60s or 70s..felt so awesome to see the pride on their faces! Then the children winning the bravery awards...they were being waved back even by the police controlling the crowds!! Having an eye contact with a person performing on a tableau (jhaanki :)) and then getting a smile back felt great. Clapping for the dancing kids, waving at every single person waving at u, hooting for them, just so beautiful. and and and THE moment of the day: rose petals …