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Republic Day Parade - My heart beats for you INDIA

Did not have the phone to record what all I saw today, but this video comes close to the experience it was! Everybody must watch the republic day parade at India Gate atleast once! the strength of our army, the navy, the air force...just fills your heart with ssoooo much pride! that 21 gun salute in the beginning shook me from inside...then the air force show!!! Spectacular! Feel so proud today. Watching all these soldiers do so much for the country, it made me a better person somewhere. There was a march by retired army soldiers, in their 60s or 70s..felt so awesome to see the pride on their faces! Then the children winning the bravery awards...they were being waved back even by the police controlling the crowds!! Having an eye contact with a person performing on a tableau (jhaanki :)) and then getting a smile back felt great. Clapping for the dancing kids, waving at every single person waving at u, hooting for them, just so beautiful. and and and THE moment of the day: rose petals …