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Trip to Jodhpur – the magical blue

Jodhpur was always in my dreams - those blue painted houses - the mighty fort wanted to give me some memories to cherish... so they sent me an invitation to come and see them :) and Gandhi ji’s birthday (national holiday) helped me to plan this trip. I quickly searched for train tickets and was lucky to find the return tickets though in sleeper class but who cares about the comfort to adventure. The train Mandoor Express stops at Gurgaon station also and I decided to board the train from Gurgaon as I was not prepared enough to leave straight from office. I booked my room in a hotel called Hotel Haveli after reading few online reviews on my online travel guide Indiamike and
Surprisingly the train reached well on time to Jodhpur station and the hotel Haveli guys were kind enough to send a cab to pick me from the railway station, the hotel was near to the old city and hidden in beautiful criss-cross lanes of Jodhpur. I slept for few hours before getting ready to explor…

हाँ प्यार है तुमसे....

बस कुछ दिनों में फिर से हसीं शामें आएँगी
अपने हाथों में तेरा हाथ लेकर ढूंढेंगे दरिया के किनारे

डूबता सूरज समंदर के किनारे लाल कर देगा
फिर जब हम दोनों के पांव पड़ेंगे
वो पानी फिर से हरा हो जायेगा !

फिर रेत में खींचेंगे तस्वीर कोई ,
समझेंगे निगाहों से निगाहों की बातें

तुम्हारी आँखों की चमक करेंगी रोशन दिन मेरा

नीली नीली सी समुंदर सी आँखें Miluji Te