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How to Resend IRCTC Ticket confirmation SMS Again

I am surprised I am writing on a topic related to IRCTC again, today when I booked few tickets from IRCTC and did not get the SMS confirmation and was really worried how I would send them the ticket details as they are not internet savvy. After spending few minutes I was able to resend the confirmation and decided to share it on my blog so other people could use it when required. It’s no rocket science and can be done within minutes (of course if the GREAT IRCTC website will work)
Steps to Resend the IRCTC Confirmation SMS Log in to your IRCTC accountClick on Booked History (re-enter password)Select the ticket you want to resend the confirmation Click on the last tab (GET SMS)
Within 2 minutes you will get the confirmation SMS again

IRCTC Executive Lounge Review & Contact Details

"यात्रिगन  कृपया ध्यान दे, ट्रेन नंबर 12502, कानपुर - इलाहाबाद के रास्ते गुवाहाटी को जाने  वाली, पूर्वोत्तर संपर्क क्रांति एक्सप्रेस अपने निर्धारित समय से 6 घंटे की देरी से जाएगी। असुविधा के लिए खेद है" Indian railway did it again, my train Poorvottar Sapt Kranti 12502 to Allahabad was delayed around 7 hours, all of a sudden my 11:45 pm train was reschedule at 6:30 am. It was really difficult to wait 7 hours in Delhi’s cold night and I was in two minds if I should cancel the journey and go back home or go to the budget traveller's paradise next door Paharganj, take a hotel, catch some rest and take the train in the morning. Of course my love for Sangam (Allahabad) did not let me scrap the journey and I decided for the second option and started to move towards Pahargang. All of a sudden I saw an advertisement board of IRCTC executive lounge on platform 1 and to save myself from Hustle of Pahargang I decided to give them a call. The IRCTC lounge is located on platform 16…