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Autumn in prague

Its like paradise now days

Online Personal Trainer India - Nipun Jain Review

Rarest of times when you pay for some services and are too impressed by the outcome that you want the rest of the world to know about it as well. Today, I am taking the pain to write about one of my dear friend who is a part of the ongoing virtual revolution. Things are moving online, from chaddi to car, you can buy or get information about everything with just few clicks online. 
This post is about the next frontier of fitness: Online Personal trainer in India.

It all started when I was 16 and introduced to the world of wrestling. The main attraction on WWE at that time was the beast ‘BROCK LESNAR’ – and seeing him week after week destroying people in the ring and enthusiastically watching his tremendous physique, his massive shoulders, broad chest and scary strength was a strong influence on my youth. It was him who lighted a fire in the heart of a skinny young lad. I was merely 51 or 52 kg and could easily count my bones in the mirror. Unknown to the science of muscle buil…

Live Cricket Streaming app which actually WORKS

Being away from India you really miss many things, Cricket is one of the most important things which I cannot enjoy in Prague. Day before yesterday during the first cricket match between India vs Australia. I tried almost all the websites which claim to provide live Cricket streaming, but hard luck the only things I could stream there were few crazy ads and some time counters. after wasting half hour or so I decided to give some android apps a try, and guess what the second one which I tried worked like a charm. Not only it had live Cricket match in HD quality but many other Indian news and movie channels as well. Its extremely easy to use.

Please follow simple steps to download the application and Enjoy Live cricket from any part of the World

Go to Google Play store and Search for the application called Indian Live TV Install it and you are ready to go. Also make sure you have installed MX Playeras the application use it to play the videos. the interface is very basic and too the po…

ना द्वारका में मिले बिराजे

ना द्वारका में मिले बिराजे, ब्रज की गलियों में भी नहीं हो।
ना योगियों के ध्यान में हो तुम,अहम् जड़े ज्ञान में तुम नहीं हो।तुम्हे ये जग ढूढता है कान्हा, मगर इसे ये खबर नहीं है बस एक मेरा है भाग्य मोहन, अगर कही हो तो तुम यही हो