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How Far is Chennai International Airport from Domestic Airport? - Just 700 Meters

So many people ask How far is Chennai International Airport from Domestic Airport and the answer is just
700 meters if you will count the distance, 10 to 12 minutes if you decide to walk and just 2 minutes if you catch that free battery auto operating just next to the arrivals gate. yes I repeat free battery autos :) here is how they look like

Ps. I am writing this post from personal experience during my recent trip to colombo I had to change domestic to international at Chennai airport.

Best Restaurant in Haputale - Risara Bakery

Haputala is a small lovely village near to more popular Horton Plains. It serves as a base for people visiting to Horton plains and have many options to stay but very limited options to eat. Hotel restaurants are so expensive for no reason. during our recent trip to Haputale we came across a nice place to eat in Haputale. First day we ate at our hotel Sea Lak views and the food was just ok by taste and not value for money. Next day we explored the small bazaar area and came across a small bakery called Risara. As many guide books and online travel forums suggest that the best and most value for money place to have your food in Sri Lanka is to find the place where locals eat. Risara bakery is something similar and run by some local Muslims, expert in chicken curries and biryanis. It's just next to the bus stand in Haputala and I guess only independent restaurant separated from local hotels. its a very basic place and have small place to sit at the first floor, has very friendly pe…

How to Check Your Vodafone Postpaid 3G data balance

Though I will never recommended any one to get 3g on postpaid connections (its 12.5% more expensive than Prepaid Connections) for Example a 3gb monthly Prepaid Vodafone 3G will cost 654 and same Data limit on postpaid connections will cost 732 Rupees.

Prepaid Postpaid 3GB plan 654 Price Paid = 654 3 GB Plan 650 Price Paid = 650+12.2% =732 Note: on postpaid connections you have to pay 12.2% taxes on overall Bill.
How to Check Vodafone Postpaid Internet (3g) BalanceWell there are two methods which I was able to find for this question, first is detail one and easy to remember as it’s a step by step option, other one is to remember the speed dial code and within 2 seconds you can get the information about your 3G.
First Step Dial *111# > Press 5 for Internet Plans> Press 1 for Active Plan & Details >                                              Or Remember this code *111*5*1#                                                 OrThe most boring option, SMS, DATA SPACE BAL to 111 toll …