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Trip to Kaluk, Sikkim 2012 - Pictures

Sikkim is heaven for nature lovers, I was fortunate enough to enjoy majestic views and relish hospitality of one its kind warm hearted sikkimese people during my trip to this land of beauty in 2012. I may not remember the words or exact scenes from my trip to Sikkim but I am sure I will always remember the feeling to be in Sikkim it’s so special and different than other places I have been to. If you love nature even a bit and do not want any hassle of big cities or touristic places, pack your bags and leave for Sikkim, you can always thank me later for recommending Sikkim. In this photo series I will post pictures of my trip to Sikkim in 2012 to relive the memories and encourage you all to see it once. In first post here are pictures from our gateway to Sikkim, Kaluk