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Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh India - Review

“Go further, I am holding you! Don’t worry the crew member reassured” and I began to crawl slowly with heart full of excitement and fear at the same time (yeah, those who say they don’t fear anything let them come with me to Rishikesh for a Jump, we shall see!). The scream of the last jumper was still fresh in my mind and I was debating if his scream was because of sheer excitement of bungee jumping or was he as afraid as I was. “Please tell me nothing will happen to me” I said. She slowly begins again “Relax, take a deep breath do not look down and look at those beautiful mountains enjoy the view” the countdown started Five... Four... three... two... One... Bungee and Jump!!!!!!!!!
It all began while I was planning for my next trip to the mountains. We both were missing each other as much you see J. While exploring places for travel in Uttrakahand Himalayas, I came across a video on YouTube of a guy doing bungee jumping and I was mesmerized by sheer excitement this sport offers and de…