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22 things I learnt about Czech in my Trip to Prague

Always stand on right side of the elevatorCzech’s don’t like you entering their homes with outside shoes.It’s possible for a girl to get drunk and dance outside in a rainy nightBilla is where you shop.Asking a girl for coffee is an indirect invitation for sexIndian food is very expensiveBeer is cheaper than water at most of placesCzech’s are lovely peoplePeople travel to countryside cottages almost every weekend. Damm, Czech’s love to do walking, hiking etc.Even the strangest looking people offer their seats to elderly people in buses, trams and metroMostly 40+ people don’t speak or understand English which is kind of nice..Czech’s motto is probably “A beer a day keeps the doctors Away” they love BEERInternet works very fast: DIt’s possible to stand next to a restaurant and get connected to a FREE Wi-FiGypsies are the only dangerous things I came across.Public transport is awesome hereIt’s possible for a women to be bald have pink hair and not get staredThey probably loves dogs & …